Upcoming college grads should be planning their next move

April 12, 2018

In addition to finding a place to work, students approaching their graduation dates must find a place to live.

Spring is in the air, which means college seniors are anxiously awaiting their moment to jaunt across the stage and receive their diploma. Many colleges and universities celebrate graduation day in May, though some ceremonies are as early as late April.

For example, Texas A&M University's many colleges and campuses host graduation dates from April 27 for its School of Law to May 26 for the Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy. For students leaving university, the excitement may be tinged with a feeling of anxiety.

Working and living after college

While earning a college degree is a major accomplishment, students approaching the end of their academic careers must determine what their next move - figuratively and literally - might be. Perhaps they'll pursue an advanced degree, take a job in their field or move to a new city or state.

Many recent college students are able to find jobs that require a college education, according to the Chicago Tribune. Reporting on data collected by the American Consumer Survey of 2014, the Tribune noted that about one-third of recent grads were not able to secure a position upon graduation. This is assuringly lower than the 53.6 percent of un- or underemployed college graduates, reported in a 2011 survey.

In addition to finding a place to work, students approaching their graduation dates must find a place to live. One viable option many grads find attractive is the familiar retreat of mom and dad's house. Nearly half of millennials said they moved back home after graduation, according to a study from TD Ameritrade.

Living with parents after college can have numerous benefits. Lower housing costs, in theory, means more of their first paycheck can go toward student loan payments. Or, for those who haven't secured a job after the pomp and circumstance has faded out, moving back home after college can make for an easier transition from college life to the working world.

Heading back to mom and dad's place isn't the only option available to recent grads. Many students say they want to move to California after college, or another state; others seek out specific jobs or companies and move to where work takes them. About one-fifth of adults who moved in 2016 said they did so for employment reasons, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Every year, nearly 17 million people move to a different county. The most popular county-to-county migrations are within California (Los Angeles to Orange and San Bernardino counties). Two of the most popular state-to-state migrations were New York to Florida and California to Texas.

Adults aren't limited to moves within the U.S. alone; young, educated professionals are more likely to seek international living arrangements, according to a 2013 Gallup poll. Among North American international migrants, one-third were between ages 15 and 29, and 24 percent had a college degree. Nearly three in five were employed full time.

Planning the next move

Regardless of what kind of post-grad plans college students have, chances are, they'll need to make arrangements for their belongings. Whether they've been living in campus housing or were renting an apartment nearby, their leases will eventually end, and it'll be time to seek out a new living situation. This could come along with a need for storage space.

Moving back in with their parents may be convenient, but mom and dad's house is likely already filled with their own things, with little room for a new couch, TV or other items their child has accumulated over the years. In other instances, like moving to a new city, state or country, moving large items right away may not be ideal. In either situation, the student will likely need to find a self storage space to house their possessions until they get settled in.

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